Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nifty P&F (Wk 1811-2211) - Short-term resistance ahead, long term looks good! A New release of the tool coming soon!


Was grossly wrong in gauging the market. It was 6000 & not 6100!


Weekly chart is still quite strong! Daily is down with a pullback & some immediate resistance lined up till 6186.

Weekly chart is showing significant accumulation with repeated attempts of new highs. I'm somehow of the opinion that the current stage is simple pullback.


Please see this post does not have any chart because I'm working on my excel tool to incorporate a % based scaling (semi-log) & expect to share with you all very soon.

Thanks to Praveen Pentakota, who brought this requirement to me. I also got a copy of Heinrich Weber & Kermiet Zieg, suggested by Praveen, and after completing the book, I realize that it's a necessity to have this scaling facility in a P&F tool.

So expect this tool to be available very soon!

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