Saturday, January 28, 2012

P&F Software Excel based - free

This is a little contribution from my side. Over the years, I have developed this point and figure software. Standard softwares in the market are costing around $25 - $150, but this excel-based software is free of cost.

Features of this software:
  • Simple excel-based software; does not require any installation
  • Can draw on both High-Low price method & Close price method
  • Can follow a wyckoff method of plotting for 1-point reversal
  • Scales can be altered, rounded off as per trader's preference
  • Automatic data retrieval from
  • Manual data can also be used
  • Any box-reversal is possible
  • Charts can be used for any time-frame data
  • Change in month is identified in the chart itself
  • Suggests suitable block-size for the available data-set
  • And many more for you to explore ...
  • Some person in some forum had shared a base-level code. But it was quite faulty both fundamentally & technically. I don't remember that person's name. But I sincerely thank that person for having made this work possible.
  • Also I thank my e-Guru, iLango, for inspiring me to do the act of sharing to the trading community.
The link to download the file can be accessed from this link here.


  1. Hi Thanks, how to link USD/INR for intra day

  2. Can't download. Why do you have to make it so difficult?

  3. Can't you host it on your public dropbox folder and paste a link here. Why should the download be so painful? It is like going in a maze and being bombarded with all kinds of ads and software which may be useless. Why do you want to hide your contribution behind such things?


  4. Can you walk me through how to get it to chart using closing prices?

    Is there any way you can unlock the excel file so I can make changes to suit my needs? I want to use only closing values and volume to create the chart and modify your work so that total volume prints at the top or bottom of a column (depending if its up or down).

  5. Hello
    Where I can find a correct link to download "p_fchart_free.xls".
    The link provided here is bad.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  6. @ All,

    When I first hosted this link, dropbox was not born. The link is updated now.



  7. Thank you very much Rajib!
    Now it's ok.

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  9. Thanks Rajib - I don't have the knowledge and skill to have put this together so your effort is much appreciated. Tried it on some Australian stocks and works beautifully

    1. Nice to know that. It works for sure & therefore put in the effort ... :)


  10. What is the password to unlock this "free" workbook?

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  13. Hi, thank you for providing the excel sheet. Appreciate you contribution to the trading community. God bless you. Can I ask you to point me in the right direction with an issue. When I click "Get Data", I am getting a run time error "The system cannot locate the resource specified"