Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nifty P&F (Wk 0212-0612) - Break-out in all charts buy till 6060!


I still say the long-term looks quite good.

Weekly Analysis:

Daily Analysis:


Weekly pattern - Semi-Catapault.
Daily pattern - Double Top & BrRL break-out.

High probability that longs will be sustained. Buy at every opportunity of pullback till 6090 & exit longs at 6060 level. As of now multiple channel (BlSL) support lies till 5880 level.


As you see from the charts, there have been few key changes:
  • Scale changed to logarithmic
    • Weekly - 2% (Box Size) & 3 (reversal)
    • Daily - 0.5% (Box Size) & 2 (reversal)
  • Simple signal (Double Bottom / Top break-out) wherever applicable
Also I'll try to make my analysis more relevant to the books of Point & Figure. Let me know, how you like the changes.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Free P&F Tool Update - with % price based logarithmic scaling

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that I've upgraded my tool to incorporate % based logarithmic scaling. This was perhaps one of the important features that was not available in the tool.

  • Flexibility to plot long-range data.
  • No need to maintain a table of price-box mapping
  • Can play short, medium & long-term easily from the chart.

Link for Download
    Available in the Download Link on the blog.
  • Go to chart sheet
  • In the cell C4 (left side of "Scale Multiple"), there are two values in the drill down - L (Logarithmic) & N (Natural)
  • For L
    • The "Block Size" (cell E2) should be mentioned in decimal (i.e. 10% = 0.1, 1% = 0.01, 0.5% = 0.005 etc.)
    • The ScaleM will not work here. So leave it at 1. Don't try to alter it to get surprises.
  • For N
    • As earlier, the "Block Size" (cell E2) should be mentioned in the box amount (e.g. 2, 10, 100 etc.)
    • The ScaleM will work here, so if you want in the multiple of 5 or 10, put them likely.
I hope with this you become more rich in your trading & finance.

For further reading on P&F setting (including scaling), you can refer here:


I expect the users of this tool to be necessarily savy with basic Microsoft Excel skills. So don't expect any manual on this tool from me. If you have any specific query on the usage of the tool, you can always ask me on this blog (preferably in the latest post, as I rarely visit my old posts).


This development was possible because a gentleman called Mr. Praveen Pentakota brought this requirement to my notice. Thanks a lot Praveen.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nifty P&F (Wk 1811-2211) - Short-term resistance ahead, long term looks good! A New release of the tool coming soon!


Was grossly wrong in gauging the market. It was 6000 & not 6100!


Weekly chart is still quite strong! Daily is down with a pullback & some immediate resistance lined up till 6186.

Weekly chart is showing significant accumulation with repeated attempts of new highs. I'm somehow of the opinion that the current stage is simple pullback.


Please see this post does not have any chart because I'm working on my excel tool to incorporate a % based scaling (semi-log) & expect to share with you all very soon.

Thanks to Praveen Pentakota, who brought this requirement to me. I also got a copy of Heinrich Weber & Kermiet Zieg, suggested by Praveen, and after completing the book, I realize that it's a necessity to have this scaling facility in a P&F tool.

So expect this tool to be available very soon!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

22 Yards ... 24 Years ... there was a man beyond that ... Thank you Sachin!

It showed today ...

Not the Numbers ...                                                                                                 
Not the Skills ...                                                                   
Not the techniques ...                   
But Humility makes a man greater than life ... You taught so much more to me today! Thank you Sachin!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nifty P&F (Wk 1111-1511) - 6100 a strong support


Minor support @6100 proved quite strong.

Weekly Analysis:

Daily Analysis:


Weekly pause, Daily down. Daily Channel support, Fib38 & previous resistance break-out, suggesting strong support @6100. Weekly pivot support has got more room till 6060.

The second leg will determine the whether correction is on or the failure of the break-out has trapped the bulls.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all my blogmates ...

May Lord Ganesha bless us all with lots of peace & prosperity.