Saturday, November 23, 2013

Free P&F Tool Update - with % price based logarithmic scaling

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that I've upgraded my tool to incorporate % based logarithmic scaling. This was perhaps one of the important features that was not available in the tool.

  • Flexibility to plot long-range data.
  • No need to maintain a table of price-box mapping
  • Can play short, medium & long-term easily from the chart.

Link for Download
    Available in the Download Link on the blog.
  • Go to chart sheet
  • In the cell C4 (left side of "Scale Multiple"), there are two values in the drill down - L (Logarithmic) & N (Natural)
  • For L
    • The "Block Size" (cell E2) should be mentioned in decimal (i.e. 10% = 0.1, 1% = 0.01, 0.5% = 0.005 etc.)
    • The ScaleM will not work here. So leave it at 1. Don't try to alter it to get surprises.
  • For N
    • As earlier, the "Block Size" (cell E2) should be mentioned in the box amount (e.g. 2, 10, 100 etc.)
    • The ScaleM will work here, so if you want in the multiple of 5 or 10, put them likely.
I hope with this you become more rich in your trading & finance.

For further reading on P&F setting (including scaling), you can refer here:


I expect the users of this tool to be necessarily savy with basic Microsoft Excel skills. So don't expect any manual on this tool from me. If you have any specific query on the usage of the tool, you can always ask me on this blog (preferably in the latest post, as I rarely visit my old posts).


This development was possible because a gentleman called Mr. Praveen Pentakota brought this requirement to my notice. Thanks a lot Praveen.

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