Friday, March 11, 2011

Nifty Point & Figure (PnF) Analysis - Week 100314 - 0318

Weekly Chart:

Daily Chart:

Hourly Chart:


Weekly soon to get a direction. Daily & Hourly to reach any of the channel ends. UP side resistance 5710 - 5740 level. DOWN side support 5270 - 5300 level. I don't expect UP side to break past 5710 level, but the probability of breaking past 5270 level is high.

Let's pray to GOD that he keeps his creation as beautiful as he has created.


  1. Thank you Sir, for such precise analysis.I will try to learn technique you are using.Thanks again

  2. @ Vikram,

    First, drop that Sir plz.

    You are most welcome. I have put a knowledge share space on right along with some other stuffs. See if they are of any help.

    Even my free P&F charting software (excel based) is there.

  3. Nice analysis again.

    somehow i prefer a rangebound week continued but more volatile between 5400-5600 and whipsaws may be on both sides of the range.

  4. @ AAR VEE,

    March simply from F&O point of view should try to close above 5400 and trap the Bulls for April series near 5700 level. Friday's reversal and today's confirmation in hourly chart are perhaps indicative that March might see 5700!

  5. Volatility increases.Whipsaw below 5400 happens,again in range.

  6. this time it should take 5510 comfortably. today's fall might have been protected by the brave bulls but with they getting lesser supports from external markets and few days left they have to hurry up to clear some levels!