Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mid-week update ... Week 100228 - 0304

Refer last post for the weekly analysis.

Hourly Chart Update:

Got some time to update the chart. All other time-frame charts maintaining the status quo, just updating the hourly chart. It's moving as planned. Targetting 5660 - 5700 level. There is an HPO of 12*3*10 = 360 points from the base of 5314 level. So target is 5314 + 360 = 5674. Watch out 5400 level for negation.


  1. Thanks for the update Rajib.

  2. welcome AAR VEE :)

    I have added one Mr. Pierre from canada in my blog list who does extensive P&F analysis of TSE ... quite educative.

  3. Nice charts colorful ones he has on his blog.Get some of these types for ur blog too .The tic-tac-toe game will look more exciting :))

  4. Thank you sir such crisp analysis.