Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nifty P&F (Wk 2301-2701) - reached VPO @ 5060, weekly shows a channel target @ 5180!


Resistance 5060 reached now.

Weekly Analysis:

Daily Analysis:


Weekly & Daily up. Daily charts suggesting booking out positions. Weekly charts still showing possibility of 5180 to hit BrRL! But without an intermediate correction, surely a Bull-trap, even in some major equities.

Note: p_fchart.xls has gone through a code change with flexibility to modify the scales. If you are interested let me know I can share the same with you people.


  1. Congatulate you on Your Blog and on p_fchart.xls

    To be able to modify the scale would be an important improvement . Esp If one could set a custom scale graduation.

    Another would be able to draw the chart using only the CLOSE field of the OHLC.

    Close Only charts are useful contrasts
    It would also make p_fchart.xls much more suitable with intra day charts and also ONE BOX reversal charts.

    esp when using the actual course of sales. The course of sales is like a series of closes the C without any OHL ...


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