Friday, February 11, 2011

Nifty Point & Figure (PnF) Analysis - Week 100214 - 0218

Weekly Analysis:

Daily Analysis:

Hourly Analysis:


Weekly halt. Daily & Hourly reversal. Resistance 5420. Support 5240 - 5250.

I just changed the green color to blue just to get the better contrast. Would like to get your comments on it (may be just for fun of it).


  1. Blue or Green ,its ur analysis that matters .
    Nice one again .Blue one looks fine ,may be will look better with some other template design thats non blue :)

  2. @Rajib,

    Your blog has been recommended to me by your namesake, :) and what a help that has been! Your analysis is fantastic! I am a regular now.

    Thank you AAR VEE.

  3. Your 3 boxes showing reversal @ 5350 right?? Y u have not mentioned the immediate reversal point instead you have mentioned the resistance any specific reason?? novice :P

    thanks n advance.

  4. @AAR VEE,

    Nice one to tell that this blue template is ugly ... :)

    @ FIRE,

    I can just be a namesake to AARVEE, I wish I could do such great analysis like you and AARVEE.

    @ Sujatha,
    I am also equally novice :). But which chart are u referring @5350? I came to 5420 combining (ref weekly chart: 5420 (halfway resistance) & daily chart: 5420 - 5510 (horizontal consolidation band))the three time frames for immediate resistance.