Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nifty Point & Figure (PnF) Analysis - Week 20100830 - 0903 - Mid Week Update

With the market showing signs of weakness, thought of updating hourly chart. Daily chart does not show much changes as of now.

Hourly Chart:

Hourly chart shows movement within the channel. As expected the support came near 5340. Now upside channel will offer resistance in the range 5435 - 5451. This could be a shorting range. However, one can not be sure of the short until it convincingly goes past the strong support line at 5360.

DLF Daily:

Thought of updating DLF daily chart also.

DLF is holding last line of support. Initial SL was hit. However, if somebody is still holding it for long-term 290 could be given a chance for last support.


  1. Dear Rajib,
    How do you arrive at the box size. For Nifty - 8 and DLF-3.2. What is the basis? Please explain.
    Regarding the downloading from PIB, since you are very good at excel, if you can programme some utility it will be easy, I suppose. Otherwise you have to do individually by opening intra-day chart for every stock.



  2. Dear veer,

    Box size in PnF charting should be derived from two factors:

    1. Time Frame: Hourly, Daily & Weekly should have different box size.

    2. Risk absorption capability: A smaller box size would mean low risk and high volatility (whipsaw).

    This can be derived once a chart is being monitored for longer period of time with established consolidation and distribution zone.

    To start with one can apply a thumb rule - (Max - Min) / data-points

    PIB Data Extraction:

    I just opened the account. Need to explore more. If you could guide me to some source it will be great help.


  3. Dear Rajib,

    I am also doing the same way for PIB as what Ilango has told you. But since you are a tech-savy , you can try with some utility to download the hourly data fro several stocks at one go. In case if you succeed,you please pass on to me also.


  4. Hello,

    Can we make this point & figure charts on Amibroker?

    Which software do you use for P&F charting?


  5. Dear Sir I downloaded POINT & FIGURE chart in Excel sheet from this site. It gives me 2 options Daily / Weekly.

    What should i do to get Hourly chart