Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Excel free tool for Point & Figure (P&F) charting

Reposting as the link has been updated through dropbox link.

This is a little contribution from my side. Over the years, I have developed this point and figure software. Standard softwares in the market are costing around $25 - $150, but this excel-based software is free of cost.

Features of this software:
  • Simple excel-based software; does not require any installation
  • Can draw on both High-Low price method & Close price method
  • Can follow a wyckoff method of plotting for 1-point reversal
  • Scales can be altered, rounded off as per trader's preference
  • Automatic data retrieval from
  • Manual data can also be used
  • Any box-reversal is possible
  • Charts can be used for any time-frame data
  • Change in month is identified in the chart itself
  • Suggests suitable block-size for the available data-set
  • And many more for you to explore ...
  • Some person in some forum had shared a base-level code. But it was quite faulty both fundamentally & technically. I don't remember that person's name. But I sincerely thank that person for having made this work possible.
  • Also I thank my e-Guru, iLango, for inspiring me to do the act of sharing to the trading community.
The link to download the file can be accessed from this link here.